KRU Overseas DMCC is a global trader of high-quality coal

KRU Overseas DMCC is an independent Dubai-based coal trading company, established in 2022 under DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) regulations. KRU Overseas DMCC aims at sustainable growth of its international coal export deliveries, striving to offer the best service to its customers throughout the world. KRU Overseas DMCC develops innovative logistics solutions in a worldwide coal supply chain to provide the most efficient and timely delivery of coal to any part of the globe.

Coal Specifications

Typical coal specifications are represented in the table below.

Coal GradesSize, mmTM, %A, %VM, %TS, %NCV, Kcal/kg
Steam High CV Coal0-509.0-10.010.0-11.031.0-35.00.25-0.356200-6300
Steam High Volatile Coal0-509.0-10.010.0-11.031.0-35.00.25-0.355900-6150
Steam High Volatile Low CV Coal0-5014.0-16.07.0-9.031.0-35.00.40-0.505400-5500
Steam Mid Volatile SS-coal0-509.0-10.010.5-16.018.0-19.00.25-0.306000-6500
Steam Low Volatile T-coal0-507.0-8.010.0-15.59.0-11.00.25-0.406200-6400
PCI Washed SS-coal0-507.0-8.05.0-6.018.0-19.00.20-0.306900-7200
PCI Washed T-coal0-506.0-7.07.5-9.09.0-11.00.20-0.306800-7200
PCI High Volatile Coal0-507.0-8.08.0-9.032.0-34.00.40-0.506600-6800
PCI T-coal ash 12%0-509.0-10.010.0-12.09.0-11.00.30-0.406600-6900
Sized High Volatile50-2005.5-7.04.0-7.518.0-20.00.25-0.307000-7300